Growing Healthy People Plants & Planet

Growing Healthy People Plants & Planet

Garden of Hope

Providence International’s Garden of Hope is a new beginning for at-risk individuals, helping them to become productive citizens in partnership with local employers, substance abuse recovery organizations, juvenile facilities, probationers, and parolees.  Providence equips ex-offenders and recovery...
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Riverland Park

Riverland Park California’s Riverland Park is a distinctive natural resource; a model park and farm of the future, it will utilize water, wind, and solar for net zero energy production. Among its distinctive features will be aquaponics,...
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Our Provident Programs

Our Programs Microfinance Providence International has matching fund agreements with five revolving loan agency affiliates around the world. All Providence microfinance donations are matched at least once by Providence’s partner affiliates, and often by foundations,...
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Riverland Park Overview

Riverland Park Overview

New focus on food security needed

New focus on food security needed in shadow of COVID-19 pandemic Original Article: Local food, clean water, and energy security safeguards our health and appreciably reduces the risk of pathogens and pandemics.   Food security …

Volunteers Rescue Shasta College

Volunteers rescue Shasta College’s 10k veggie seedlings from going to waste. Original Article: The coronavirus pandemic has essentially shut down Redding, including the campus of Shasta College and its horticulture department. But the college’s …