5 Benefits of Composting

5 Benefits of Composting

Compost is an organic garden amendment that is made from keeping yard waste in the proper conditions. Instead of throwing your yard waste away, you can keep it and turn it into fertilizer for your plants! Why are you still buying fertilizer from the store? The benefits of composting are innumerable. But for the sake of this article, I enumerated them for you!

1. Soil Water Retention

Adding compost to your soil will help it absorb the water instead of letting it drain right through. If the soil is absorbed into the soil it makes it available to plants when they need it.

2. Add Organic Material to Soil

Adding organic matter to the soil is the best way to fertilize the garden. This is how plants naturally fertilize themselves. When you think of the forest, there is always a layer of organic matter on top.

3. Produce Less Waste

Waste is a huge problem in our society. When we produce less waste, we are reducing the amount of energy required to process that waste. By choosing to manage our waste on site, we are minimizing the amount of resources required from outside.

4. Reduce Chemical Input

Making soil naturally water retentive and abundant with organic matter will make the use of inorganic fertilizers unnecessary. Inorganic chemicals are known to further destroy soil quality in its ability to both hold water and provide nutrients.


One of the best things is that compost is free. Simply get yourself a compost bin (or make one from recycled pallets) and put your yard waste in it. Keep it moist and aerated and in a few months you’ll have amazing garden gold!

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