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About Us

Freeing People from Poverty and Dependency through Work Opportunity

Declaring Independence from Dependency


Providence International Enterprises is a tax exempt 501c3 charitable and humanitarian organization founded by Robert Lincoln Hancock in February 2000 in Redding California.


To provide the opportunity for at-risk people to develop their God given potential and become productive, contributing and law-abiding citizens.

Providence Frees People from Poverty and Dependency through Job Opportunity.  

Populations served

  • At-risk people both domestic and overseas
  • People 16 and older desiring a future with hope
  • Non-profit organizations of like vision, values, and mission.
  • Unemployed and underemployed
  • Business developers willing to employ the disenfranchised
  • Business partners: adding mutual value and services for doing good while doing well
  • Coaches/Innovators/Educators/Mentors serving at risk populations

We value

  • People: jobskill training, coaching, placement and service optimization
  • Stewardship that grows human and natural resource development and income generation
  • Prosperity that comes from work and free enterprise
  • Freedom from dependency and hopelessness
  • Training/Education for optimizing productive citizens and independent living
  • Employers and small farmers that create jobs and a healthier environment
  • Employees that feel valued
  • Reinvesting in people and communities for collective impact and replication.

METHODS of Providence International Enterprises (PIE)

  1. Purposeful living for people in education, job training and job placement positions with support services.
  2. Investment in people, partnerships, and innovative enterprises that generate jobs and PEO service support.
  3. Education and Employment opportunity through work experience and placement in ag sector and trades.

Enterprises include: greenhouse/aquaculture, farming, construction trades, animal husbandry, landscaping.

HOPE for a Better World

Growing Healthy People, Plants, Places, Partnerships and Planet

Dave Michal, President; Robert Lincoln Hancock, Founder/Director
POB 993544, Redding California 96099 Phone: (530) 243-3373
Website: and
Email: Providence[at]