Compost Tea Recipe

Compost Tea Recipe

Compost tea is a great way to add organic fertilization to your garden! It can be applied by spraying on the leaves or pouring into the soil near the roots.

Ingredients/Tools needed:

Rock dust/Azomite powder

Worm castings

Sugary/Starchy Vegetables like carrots, beets, potatoes (optional)


Rock bubbler for aquarium

5-gallon bucket

Net pouch

First thing you’ll want to do is make sure all your equipment is nice and clean.

Then you’ll need to fill the bucket with water. We use rainwater for this because it’s the best water for plants, but if you don’t have rainwater, well water is next best. If you use city water, be sure to leave it in the bucket overnight so the chlorine can outgas before adding any amendments to it.

Next, you’ll want to take a handful of worm castings and toss it into the net pouch. We have worms which make plenty of worm castings for our garden, but if you don’t have that you can also use manure or just plain old compost. Next, the veggies can be added to the pouch. They will need to be chopped into 1-inch cubes first. Finally, add a scoop of rock dust. Usually the rock dust will come with a scooper that holds about 5 tablespoons.

Once you’ve added all the ingredients to the pouch, tie the end of it so that the contents will not fall out and put it in the bucket of water. Place the bucket near an outlet so you can plug in the aquarium bubbler. These bubbles will ensure that the brew does not become anaerobic. Leave this brew for about 16 hours to allow the populations of beneficial microbes to explode! Once it’s ready, you’ll want to use it within about 4 hours.

During the growing season, we add compost tea about every two or three weeks and stop about two weeks before harvest season. Typically we make the brew around 4 in the afternoon so that it will be ready to apply between 8 and 12 the next morning. This is generally the best time to spray, because adding droplets of liquid to the leaves can cause the leaves to burn in the hot sun. If there are overcast conditions, it’s even better.

Adding compost tea is a great way to enhance your garden!

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