Dandelions Root Coffee

Dandelions Root Coffee

One of the easiest and most common wild goodies to forage is the common dandelion. Every part of this plant is edible. The best time to harvest dandelion greens is in the spring, before they start to flower. This is when their energy is coming up from the roots into those newly grown leaves. When it starts to flower, the leaves will start to taste bitter as the energy moves from the leaves to the flowers. The flowers can be used to make tea, wine, or even flour. After the plant has flowered, and the energy has returned to the roots (usually from fall until spring), you can also harvest the root. There is a large taproot that makes a great coffee-like drink.

Dandelion Root Coffee Recipe:


-Dandelion root, chopped


-Sugar and milk, if preferred


-Chop 2 cups of dandelion root into ¼ inch slices

-Roast them in a pan over fire or in the oven until they start to crisp on the outside

-(Optional) Grind the roasted roots in a coffee grinder and make a powder

-Boil the water and use the roots to make a tea

-The tea should be the same color as coffee and will have a nutty flavor