Gardens of Hope

Garden of Hope

Gardens of Hope

Providence International’s Garden of Hope is a new beginning for at-risk individuals, helping them to become productive citizens in partnership with local employers, substance abuse recovery organizations, juvenile facilities, probationers, and parolees. 

Providence equips ex-offenders and recovery graduates for jobs in Landscaping, Horticulture, Food Production Services, and Construction with hands-on job skills training combined with mentoring, and life skills coaching. To learn more, please contact us


Riverland Park

California’s Riverland Park is a distinctive natural resource; a model park and farm of the future, it will utilize water, wind, and solar for net zero energy production. Among its distinctive features will be aquaponics, permaculture, and greenhouse technologies for healthy organic food production.

The riverfront site includes a riparian corridor of trails with native plantings, and a model state of the art organic farm. The vision for the signature park includes a riverwalk and agritourism, e.g., tour a model of healthy food production for California fruits, nuts, and vegetable crops, as well as an interpretive center offering guided educational tours.


Smart Farms

Providence International’s primary goal is employing the unemployed and providing an onramp to a future with hope, both internationally and domestically. In Northern California, Providence Smart Farms achieves this goal by clustering land and human resources, creating fair-wage, entry-level opportunities.

By creating opportunities for individuals in new and existing markets, Providence offers a replicable, scalable, and sustainable business model. By planting seeds, so to speak, both globally and locally, the organization is providing full-service support systems and technologies. Please click here to view and download a PDF outline of the smart farm program. 


Solar Donations

California is one of the top locations for solar energy production and Providence International plans to use 100% renewable energy to power its developing Riverland Park and Farm of the Future. If you work in the solar industry, or know someone who does, we’d love to work with you as we’re seeking solar donations. 

Your donation of cash, time, or materials will be put to good use as Riverland Park and its Garden of Hope will be a beacon to those in need, helping to transform lives through job skills training and appreciation for the natural world. As a sponsor, you will be recognized on this site, and free to promote the affiliation.