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MicroGreenhouse Kit

Providence MicroGreenhouse Kit

Providence Intl is producing a MicroGreenhouse kit that is equipped with all the components needed for anyone to be able to grow their own food, off grid & year round in a small space. Giving people the chance to learn the basics in how we can feed ourselves and also play a healthy part in re-securing our local food supply and experiencing what its like to be able to sustain ourselves. This is very important in these times of such uncertainty. Plus educating ourselves on what we are capable of in playing a part being self resilient. And the rewards last a lifetime.

One of the main goals and reasons we started building this Kit is to be able to teach our youth the importance of food security, gardening and the ability to sustain ourselves. Learning the natural skills to assist us to thrive.

We are working with our local community college to develop these kits, programs and services to bring to our local education sector. Starting in the Elementary schools and developing a on ramp program through middle schools and high schools into the local college.

We are also developing a “Home Farmer” package which will be packaged up with our own Farm Management Suite that enables the Home Farmers to grow their food, track all stages and enable them to sell their food through our local farm food networks using our platforms.

Thus assisting our community in local workforce development along with empowering our community to play a greater part in securing our local food supply.

Lets look at the components that make up our MicroGreenhouse kit!


Our custom greenhouse was developed locally by one of our partners T3.

LED Lights
Our specialized LED Lights are from one of our partners providing VIVOSUN LED Grow Lights.

Solar Powered System
Our Solar power system is produced by Yeti (Goal Zero)

Hydroponics system
Our custom hydroponics system is designed and built by us locally at Providence.

Living Soil composting system
Our Living Soil system is designed and built by us locally at Providence. (Powered by SmarterSoil)

Beto Bucket system
Our Bato Bucket system is designed and developed by us locally at Providence.

Mechanical Automation 
We use basic mechanical timer, temp and valve on/off automation. This is located at local hardware stores or purchased from us for a all in one solution.

Smart Automation system

Solar Blanket / Shade Cover

Educational package 

Farm management suite (farmOS)

Open Food Network 

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